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From all of us here at MAKEN MUDD PIES, we want our clients to experience the joy of what we do… because there is simply nothing more glorious than to gaze out on a flower field as the morning’s early beams of light dance across the petals, to delight in that first sweet peach of the season, or to see the aged face of a loved one recall memories in a garden reminiscent of the past. We are simply grateful to share in the wonder of it all!

Darlene Widener      
• Horticulturist, Oklahoma State University
• Floriculture Certification, Oklahoma State University
• Soil Sister
• Lead Designer
Jesse & Lucy Laurel
• Design & Installation Crew
Judy Joy
• Naturalist
• Soil Sister
• Designer
James Joy Farmer
• Head Tractor Guy
(Smartest of the whole bunch smile )
Sharon Monk
• Local Artiste in Natural Design Elements
• Soil Sister