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Maken’ Mudd Pies

MAKEN MUDD PIES is a horticulture business owned and operated with a small kinship of passionate gardeners as family and friends!  Several of us are retired from careers and savoring our no-makeup early morning coffee as we watch the sun debut from a field rather than an office.  Others are engaged part-time for a gentler pace in life.  What we all share together is an  awestruck appreciation of nature that we fondly refer to being the WONDER OF IT ALL!  At the end of the day, we do not answer to a corporate office but to the faces of our clients and community.  This represents a unique business plan of sorts that holds us accountable to one another and yet grants us grace to serve our clients and community not bound with restraints of a corporate bottom line.  We believe this allows the varied talents and experiences of our small business kinship to provide the best gardens for our clients and community as we share our visions in the WONDER OF IT ALL!    

Darlene Widener, Owner

Horticulturalist, Certified Floriculturist

Darlene Widener’s background includes a degree in Horticultural Technology from OSU and licenses in floriculture. She owned and operated an organic orchard and farm for 12 years that specialized in fruit production, heirloom tomatoes, herbs and cut flowers.

MAKEN MUDD PIES holds a heartfelt commitment to the aged and proudly sponsors garden projects for this special community.